CBD in cosmetics

Several scientific claims show that cannabinoids in CBD may help with skin problems.

Cannabis extracts have antioxidative properties, which may awaken the viability of skin cells and help slow down skin aging. Some have even called it the FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH. 

Creams or butters containing CBD may help with skin problems such as eczema, redness, dry or cracked skin and acne. 

CBD may have a calming effect, anti-inflammatory effect and is suitable for every skin type. It could help regulate sebum production and helps fight acne in this way.

It may even act as a natural moisturizer and can provide the skin with the necessary hydration. 

Through the absorption into the skin and body it may even help alleviate stress and relax body and mind due to the calming effect of CBD.  

We recommend using all our CBD cosmetic products in small amounts after a bath or hot shower, when the skin is moist and warm, and the absorption of the skin is at its highest. 

Cosmetic products containing CBD are becoming increasingly popular due to their beneficial effects. And this market has been growing exponentially for a reason.  

Try and test it for yourself. 

“You see, but you do not observe.”

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