How to use natural oil-based cosmetics?

What do we consider as natural cosmetics?

For us, 100% pure natural cosmetics means that in the composition we find only natural ingredients and virgin oils that have not been refined or chemically treated.
Pure natural cosmetics often contain no water. One of the main reasons is that water-based cosmetics can practically not be produced without the use of emulsifiers, thickeners and strong preservatives. Water-based products can not do without them.
We only use raw materials that come from nature. Considering the fact that 60% of what we put on our skin is absorbed directly into the body, it is most convenient to think about what we "feed" our body. Just as we care what we eat, cosmetics process only the highest quality raw materials, which we, as manufacturers with taste, apply to our bodies and we would not be afraid to eat them.

How to use oil-based cosmetics?

Pure vegetable oils do not hydrate on their own. However, if we use them correctly, our skin will be perfectly hydrated and fresh. Oils and natural butters have a great property - they can retain water in the skin.
We always use water-free natural cosmetics for wet bodies, for example after a bath, after a sauna... The skin is warmed up, the pores are open and the body butter or cream is amazingly absorbed and locks the water in the deeper layers of the skin. The oil component nourishes the skin. In this way of treatment we get healthy, vital and velvety soft skin.
The oil-water mixture has other benefits than deep hydration. This mix is absorbed into the skin faster, reduces the feeling of grease, and also spreads much better. With initial applications, you may feel that you will consume more butter. This is because the skin is so-called "hungry" and takes a while to get back into shape. Once this condition is evened out you will find that a really small amount of butter or cream is enough.
Of course, you can apply creams and butters to completely dry skin, but the oil will remain on the surface and be absorbed more slowly. The skin will be oily and the oil will provide it with protection. But the oil itself does not hydrate. It is even possible that when application to dry skin it will dry out.

Advantages of application to moist skin:

    hydrates / absorbed faster than the oil or butter itself / does not leave a feeling of grease / reduces oil and butter consumption / spreads better / easier to apply

    Less is sometimes more:

    During the treatment commonly offered by bath cosmetics, excessive drying and removal of the natural protective barrier occurs. Aggressive washing gels are then combined with body and face creams of unsuitable quality with a number of synthetic additives. The skin feels nice at first but does not breathe and feels tired, although we feel that we give it maximum care. So let's follow the rule that less is sometimes more – especially in cosmetics.
    Suitable quality natural soap gently treats, does not irritate the skin, and after a bath applied body butter made of virgin (cold pressed) oils will ensure perfect care and nutrition to this largest organ in the body.

    What you have to know about ingredients:

    Pay attention to the composition of cosmetics. If water comes first, emulsifiers, thickeners, preservatives and other chemical components had to be used as well. Even cosmetics labeled BIO do not have to be made of virgin oils – even if the BIO oil is of bio quality, if it is refined, it will not bring anything good to your body. According to the usual compositional labels, this cannot be unequivocally determined.


    Use body butter after a sauna – you'll be surprised how beautifully it's absorbed and feel great! And that's the feeling of :)

    “You see, but you do not observe.”
    With love for your skin,

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